Designing for the future store.

Client Name 

D&AD New Blood 2018


Recharged. for John Lewis

Design & Art Direction 

Alice Chachka

Photography & Sound 

All photography & sound is not owned /

Used in a non-commercial way

This project is my D&AD New Blood 2018 entry. The brief was to develop an in-store experience for John Lewis to engage, mesmerise, and nurture their audience of the near future. This could be a lasting change or a pop-up experience. I have decided to develop an idea of a bathing pop-up that is part of a well-being campaign. Recharged. is a new way of transforming a bigger, non-consumerist issue into a fun, enjoyable and extraordinary customer experience that is aimed at forming a community online and helping each other and is also rewarding to those who have taken part.  It is also a way of advertising products, by giving people a chance to see how they could possibly work and, moreover, improve their everyday lives. 


Laura Vent

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