Exploring the relationship between people and digital media. 


Editorial publication

Design & Art Direction 

Alice Chachka


Alice Chachka

Digital Maximalist is an editorial publication that talks about the digital overload that many of us experience in our lives in the 21st Century.


How many emails, notifications and text messages do we receive daily? Why do we keep so many photographs on our phones? Why do we follow hundreds of people on social media when we only really care about a dozen? Why do we own so many gadgets?


This project aims to explore the relationship between people and digital media. It also tries to answer if digital maximalism has a substantially negative impact on people and if not, what are the advantages of it.

The publication includes interviews with worldwide known creatives to find out how is the digital maximalism affecting the creative industries. It also includes a special interview with a well-known astrologer to find out what the future of this digital phenomenon is looking like.

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