Representing a front-end and UI/UX design agency. 

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Website & brand identity design

This project was initially based around the logotype development along with the key brand identity elements and later had grown into a temporary web page design for a newly established web design and front-end agency. The agency is called double-front which refers to the agency’s occupation. 

For this project, I was aiming to create something that looks current, exciting, fun but also smart and organized. I was aiming for a clean and well-structured website that also has its own character and a creative vibe. 

The logotype for this project is inspired by code. Therefore, it is text-based and uses a clean and modern font which is also the general font for the whole website and the brand. 


I have also created a brief set of guidelines for the temporary website. It includes all the basic and the most useful design elemets. 

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