Imagining a fashion show of the future.


Brand identity, Digital design

Design & Art Direction 

Alice Chachka

This unique concept for the London Fashion Week Festival 2029 represents anonymity and body image.

Its graphic system is inspired by the post office / mail theme. We are sending messages to the future, questioning what will fashion and society look like in 2029. 

I put together the material and the human, wondering what will it mean to be a human in 2029 and how human body and its perception will have changed over upcoming decade. 

Self-care, body positivity, gender neutrality. I am putting emphasis on how this could be expanded in the future and how will it affect fashion and society.

The posters are digital and they are animated. Since the digital has been seamlessly blending into our reality, it is fair to imagine that in 10 years time we will use technology even more that we are now. The future festival will use less print material, with the only absolutely necessary printed stuff left, such as goodie bags or brochures.

© 2020 by Alice Chachka