Personality and sophistication for a global office search company.


Homepage redesign concept

Design & Art Direction 

Alice Chachka

Design areas

Responsive web design, art direction


Not owned / Not used in a commercial way. Used for demonstration purpose only.

This project was my 2 day work homepage redesign concept for OfficeFreedom. OfficeFreedom position themselves as an office search company with a personal approach to their clients and my goal with this redesign was to get that amazing approach show through, along with the modernisation of the website look and feel. The structure of the page remained the same and I've done the digital art direction and design execution from my side. 

I have also proposed a logo redesign concept that comprises in itself a simple idea: the initials of the company name – O and F forming a shape of a key. The circle (also, used within a few other elements of the page) stands for the 360˚ space.

The design got amazing feedback not only from the OfficeFreedom marketing team but also the CEO of the company.

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