Merging print & digital into the Instagram format.

This is project is an Instagram campaign and guidelines for an online magazine called Original Stories.


The main concept of the magazine is to share the stories of career journeys of people who have reached success in creative industries. The aim of this magazine is for creatives to share their ups and downs to motivate and educate people who are trying to reach success in their selected creative industry. 


The campaign is for people to post a photo of themselves or their work and to share their creative success stories. Then, 3 of the best posts would be shared in the next issue of the magazine.

For this project, I have designed two Instagram pages: one that advertises the campaign for people to participate in and the other page includes the guidelines of the campaign for the designers working for the Original Stories Magazine.


Inspired by the magazines. I used textures, text, captions and the photography style found in magazines to create collages and form the visual identity of 

the campaign. 


Digital poster, Instagram campaign design and guidelines

Design & Art Direction 

Alice Chachka

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