• Alice Chachka

It is time to take a new look on image-making

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

During this year I have realised that I was not only passionate for digital design but also had big interest in fashion. Besides having interest in fashion as a discipline, I have always enjoyed looking at layouts on fashion related websites and magazines, the aesthetics or rebelliousness of its’ look and feel.

Whilst I’ve been exploring the fashion industry and drawing parallels between fashion and graphic design, I have realised a couple of new things about myself and the actual things that I like about being a creative and would like to push in my career.

There is something about identifying. There is something about identity. Storytelling. But also about helping, finding a way and being humble. There is something about being excited about the future. There is something about being excited about projects and bringing value to whatever it might be. There is something about taking design to a new level.

What I’ve realised is that I have always been interested in helping people identify themselves or help them tell their story in a right way.

It might be because the whole time I remember myself since I was young I’ve been in a constant state of finding myself; in a constant state of identifying who I wanted to be, what my true passions have been, how I wanted to look, sound and think. It’s been a difficult journey of analysing, looking at others and experimenting.

I’ve started being interested in image-making as a discipline. There is something about making an image for a person or a company that seems so appealing to me. It might not necessarily be about styling from a fashion perspective. I take it as a way of helping identify the strengths and weaknesses and coming up with a way of bringing forward and developing on the best sides of them or help them prosper.

I have realised that this is the kind of approach I take when I look at both fashion and graphic design. We use style to tell our stories, to bring up the best in us and present ourselves. I personally see beauty and style as a way of bringing up confidence and uplifting one’s mood. It is an endless way of self-representation. We apply branding in the same way – to companies in order to tell their story from the best perspective.

I feel like there should be more people image-making out there. And it should be more reachable. From helping someone with 0 experience put together a well-designed and thought-through CV to coming up with a career strategy for someone who’s had 100 jobs and still doesn’t know what they want to be for life – helping them rebrand themselves.

But the styling side of image-making is also something of my interest. This is why I have been thinking of taking up a Styling Short Course at Central Saint Martins this year. I always wanted to try myself working for a fashion and beauty industry and I think that by gaining these skills I will discover even more about myself and my passion. One of my ambitions is to share my perception of fashion and beauty with a wider audience and try to create something that can help people express themselves on a new level. I have also started thinking about an enterprise of my own as my future ambition based on these reflections.

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