Creating meaningful experiences for internal communication.

Client Name  R/GA London

Project  Internal connected spaces concept development

Design  Alice Chachka, Stephanie Fung, Alexandra McCracken, David Carvallo

This app is a part of a group project for R/GA London's Connected Spaces brief. The app is called R/GA Cosmos and its main focus are the connections that are visualized within one's 'friends' list. The app helps to bring people together within the office upon their common interests or CV details. Sometimes you might not know that the person you work with every day has the same interests as you do and the app is there to identify those.  The app can also be controlled by voice so by saying 'I need to find someone who worked for Google' you can be easily redirected to that person's profile. The app is also connected to the two large physical screens in a corner of each floor that can be used to view one's networks, play games, sketch and hopefully encourage friendly collisions and live interaction between people.​

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