Working on the brand identity refresh for one of London's leading design agencies.


Brand identity refresh

Design areas

Branding, art direction


By Rufus Leonard

This work is the result of my 6 month internship at Rufus Leonard. The agency was working on the refresh of their own brand and I have been helping to make amends to the core brand elements, organise the brand assets, propose new ideas and redesign existing brand assets, such as business cards, PowerPoint presentation templates and the reception wall design. I have also designed 3 sets of digital icons: the process (decorative) icons, the brand offer and the development icons. 

Rufus Leonard position themselves as the ‘Brand Experience Engineers’, so the brand look and feel is inspired by engineering and precision. 


The agency wanted to keep their authenticity and not to follow trends as much, so the refresh turned out to look quite classic and conservative, but true to the agency's values and what the brand has been many years since they started.

At the end of my internship at Rufus, I have also designed a detailed set of guidelines with the new revised brand assets.

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