Designing for a contemporary tattoo studio.


Brand identity, mobile app, look book and website redesign

Design & Art Direction 

Alice Chachka


Alice Chachka


Alissa Metsnik

This project is a brand identity redesign, digital lookbook and website design for an existing London tattoo studio, Scratchline tattoo.

The perception of tattoos has changed over the last decade - new styles have appeared, tattoos have become more socially accepted and free from stereotypes or sub-cultural affiliation. However, there are still plenty of tattoo studios brand image of which could have been improved in order to respond to the new perception of the industry. 

The project includes a redesign of the studio's website, the artists' pages, a digital look book and a set of brand guidelines. The app of this studio works offline, so it is more handy to use anywhere and includes a digital business card.

In this project, I was aiming to merge print and digital design in a unique brutalist design inspired layout.

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