The Fold: Curve Story

 / landing page, / illustration

This project is a landing page for the story by Elizabeth Choppin written to support one of our shoe campaigns at The Fold. The story was called ‘Learning Curve’ and it is about the geometry in design and architecture. The main characteristic of The Fold’s shoe collection is the curved heel, so the story supports that idea in the art context. The landing page consists of the header banner, copy, illustrations and the the shoe banner at the bottom with live text on top. The page is also designed to have a parallax effect on scroll.

For this project, I was briefed to not only create the layout of the landing page but also create illustrations for it, based on the architectural buildings and design objects mentioned in the text. Creating the illustrations has been a challenging yet a fun task for me to complete. 

Bonaparte Chair (inspired), Eileen Gray

Museum of Modern Art (Mexico City, Mexico)

The Guggenheim Museum (New York, USA)

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